Fat Cats: Here are 10 of the biggest cute cat breeds – including the chubby Norwegian Forest Cat breed 🐱

They are simply majestic – it’s no wonder cats have been adored for centuries.

And as many owners have attested over the years, once you’ve been in the company of these magnificent creatures, it’s easy to become quite obsessed!

It’s reported that the average cat owner actually owns at least two cats – although we’re sure you may know many more.

And while it’s true that all cats are beautiful, if you’re looking for a larger cat to snuggle up in, there are plenty to adopt that will suit your needs and their needs.

So if you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your household, these are the world’s largest cat breeds, which are bold and beautiful.

*Although cat breeds share similar characteristics, we advise each cat to have its own personality and needs, which is paramount when bringing a cat into your home. Please take this into account if you adopt a cat.