Finch: Control Cat’s Claw Before It Takes Over | Community columnists

Q Our yard is invaded by the cat’s claw of the vine. How can I control it? I am very concerned about the Arizona cypress. The cat’s claw grows to the top of the tree and blocks the sun.

A. Cat’s claw is a difficult vine to control. For your Arizona cypress, cut back all the vines at the base of the tree. If you are pushing the vine away from the trunk, you can then apply Cut Vine and Stump Killer with its brush to each of the cuts on the underside of the cut. With cat’s claw on the fence, I managed to apply the “Remedy” herbicide as long as you are careful and there are no other plants around to protect. Follow label instructions.

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Calvin Finch is a retired horticultural officer from Bexar County. He writes and collaborates with many local media.