Find out what cats really think of you in She Wants Me Dead

She wants me dead Xbox

I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, but cats are the inferior pet when it comes to them or dogs. Do you want proof ? Well, here it is. Find out what the cats are up to with their owners in She Wants Me Dead, out today on Xbox.

Max was just looking for a pet to snuggle up to after a hard day’s work. Just his luck that the only cat he managed to choose was a master engineer, capable of designing deadly traps. Lula the cat is very proud to get revenge for everything Max has done.

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend.

Max accidentally stood on Lula’s tail? Cut off his head! Max pushed the cat out of bed (who probably spent the whole evening patting his head)? Smash it to pieces! You can’t help but feel sorry for Max in this situation. But here’s where you can help her. Navigate him through those deadly levels and to the other side and he just sees tomorrow. Can you survive this side-scrolling 2D platformer against your deadly enemy, your very own cat?

She Wants Me Dead also includes:

  • Amazing groovy soundtrack
  • Unique aesthetic
  • 2D platform game
  • rhythm game
  • Hard

She Wants Me Dead is on the Xbox Store for £8.39. There’s also a discount for those who need some quick training if they’re planning on getting a cat, with the price reduced to £6.71 for a short time. Of course, you could always take a dog instead and live your life peacefully? Let us know in the comments if you’re going to choose this one, and also which animal you prefer.

Description of the game

She wants him dead Lula is just an average cat who happens to be a master engineer. Its traps are complex and require your full concentration. Expect no mercy and lots of surprises. Unforgiving but rewarding Immerse yourself in the world of She Wants Me Dead thanks to the incredible soundtrack. Rhythm is the key to Max’s survival. If you let it guide you, it could see the light of day. This 2D rhythm platformer won’t make it easy for you.