Free Raccoon Puppet Printable

Free Raccoon Puppet Printable. Trace the template patterns on the selected papers and cut them out nicely. Any time can be great for a forest unit.

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Select dark brown colored paper. or grey. cream or off white colored paper. and black colored paper for the raccoon. Use these clear instructions to help your students create bag puppet animals using our fun bag puppet designs and simple paper lunch bags. Fold your puppet in half.

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Bring the bottom to the top (the part with the eyes). His mother is furious. but the next morning a giant beanstalk has grown in the yard.

Papercraft 3D RACCOON template pattern in a tuxedo

(optional) embellish your finger puppet further using. Select gray. cream or white. pink and black colored craft papers for the.

DIY Raccoon Shadow Puppet Pattern

Cut out the family members below. The tail. nose and eye patches on black paper.

Raccoon Craft Raccoon craft. Kissing hand

Color in your finger puppets if you printed the coloring version. The kissing hand is a classic book for many kindergarten and elementary classrooms on the first day of school.

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We recommend cardstock paper for durability. Trace the inner ear patterns (triangular shapes) on the pink craft paper;

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Next. the children will cut two small triangles out of the white construction paper and glue them. Bring out the straps and fold the edges.

Cut Out The Family Members Below.

Printable raccoon paper bag puppet pattern. Encourage your children to decorate them by sticking on googly eyes. gluing little pieces of yarn on for hair. attaching a. This knitted raccoon puppet was designed by pat olski and is excerpted with permission from 60 quick knitted toys:

Puppet Pattern Pieces Have Been Designed For Use With Paper.

Place the tail on a black sheet of construction paper and trace it. Trace around them to make the white part of the ears. Here are some other popular printables you may be interested in.

Then Loop The Strap Around Your Finger And Glue The Two Ends Together.

Goldilocks and the three bears printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Printable paper bag puppet raccoon. Monster paper bag puppets printables.

Puppet Kindergarten Science Elementary Raccoon Craft Paper Bag Mammal Primary Letter R Letter Day Theme Day.

Trace the body. head. strips and the 2 feet patterns on the gray paper. This raccoon paper bag puppet craft is ready to print. Here are kissing hand freebies. activities. videos. and books listed all in one place so you won’t have to go digging to look for them.

Paste Inner Black Ears Inside Gray Ears.

The kissing hand is a classic book for many kindergarten and elementary classrooms on the first day of school. Please remember that the printables at are for personal use only. you may. With a. embroider 2 french knots for eyes. 1 french knot surrounded by 2 lazy daisy sts for nose. and back sts for mouth (see photo).