Genshin Impact Player slides under the map and finds a cat

A Genshin Impact player slips under the Inazuma region cutting through a floor to discover a cat below where Ryuuji is.

A Genshin Impact A player who was able to swipe under the map found a cat in a particular location, prompting some fans to find out where other felines were in the HoYoverse game. Genshin Impact players have discovered cats in strange places like behind buildings or on balconies since the game was released in 2020, but the cat under the map is perhaps the hardest to reach.

Reddit user EnchantedPapaya recently shared a Genshin Impact screenshot from their adventure which places their character under the Inazuma map next to a patiently seated cat. Among the many pets that players can acquire in Genshin Impact like Seelie who appears with every Lost Riches event or Shiki Koshou from the Labyrinth Warriors event, cats like this hidden aren’t among the possibilities. During the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog event, players can quest alongside the action RPG dogs, while outside of the event the dogs can still be easily spotted on the West Bridge from Liyue Port, Wangshu Inn observation deck and other social media. hubs, manufacturing Genshin Impact much more frequent dogs.


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EnchantedPapaya Genshin Impact The screenshot shows the player standing in a ravine below the Inazuma map in a spot that looks transparent but is likely meant to be solid ground given the surrounding structures. The Genshin Impact The player has apparently slipped under the Inazuma area while trying to reach Ryuuji who is 24 meters directly above the Lost Cat for a quest that tasks them with getting information. Play as Geo Genshin Impact Zhongli character, EnchantedPapaya stands next to a white and gray cat who gazes at them the same way it would if discovered in a surface-level hideout.

In the background of the EnchantedPapaya screenshot are a few buildings in Inazuma that are visibly missing parts to their architecture, which helps prove that EnchantedPapaya has gone through the ground. Because these Genshin Impact the cats are more like an easter egg to be found by exploring players, there is no benefit a player will get for having glitch under Inazuma to find the one in the image of EnchantedPapaya. Although cats do not reward players with loot or Primogems, there are hidden items Genshin Impact chests that players can acquire by going through every detail of the map, which will provide a more tangible gift.

As much Genshin Impact players expressed excitement for EnchantedPapaya’s ability to reach the gray and white cat, others suggested catching the cat which is the wrong breed to collect according to EnchantedPapaya. Although several fans have stated that they would like to access this part of Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma, EnchantedPapaya dispelled some notions by pointing out that their computer’s slowness may have played a role in the ability to walk through the ground.

Genshin Impact is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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