Genshin Impact Tip makes it easier to move to the cat’s tail

A recently discovered trick in Genshin Impact makes it easier to travel to the Cat’s Tail Tavern for the new Genius Invokation TCG minigame.

Genshin Impact Version 3.3 recently launched with a handy travel feature for players visiting the Cat’s Tail Tavern, which makes traveling to the location much easier. The Genius Invokation TCG is available to play in Cat’s Tail, so using this travel feature should save valuable playtime in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Cat’s Tail Tavern in Mondstadt first opened in version 3.3, which launched on December 7. Players with Adventure Rank 32 and above received the tutorial quest “Come Try Genius Invokation TCG!” after installing the update, allowing them to visit Cat’s Tail and familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the card game. Specifically, Cat’s Tail bartender Diona teaches the player the card game, and characters such as Sucrose and Fischl can be challenged to a card duel. Having to come back to Mondstadt for the new card game seems like a hassle at first glance, but HoYoverse has already prepared a feature that simplifies traveling to the Cat’s Tail Tavern.


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Reddit user IbsenSmash pointed out that Genshin Impact players can teleport directly to the Cat’s Tail Tavern. Instead of having to use a teleport waypoint in Mondstadt, players can click the Cat’s Tail icon on the map to teleport directly inside the tavern. Additionally, players can teleport out of the Cat’s Tail Tavern to any teleport point they choose in Teyvat.

The Cat’s Tail teleport feature is useful for players exploring quests and content in other regions such as Inazuma and Sumeru. For example, a Genshin Impact Player catching up on Sumeru’s latest content can teleport directly to Cat’s Tail Tavern to challenge friends or NPCs in Genius Invokation TCG. After spending time in the Tavern, the player can teleport to Sumeru without issue.

HoYoverse should continue to develop handy features such as the Cat’s Tail teleport option since Genshin Impact world has become quite large. These features are useful for navigating Teyvat once regions such as Fontaine and Natlan become available in the future.

Genshin Impact closes out 2022 with an interesting new card game and the arrival of the Wanderer, formerly known as Scaramouche. 2023 will be another eventful year for the game once Genshin Impact version 3.4 is launched. Popular Akademiya scribe Alhaitham will make his highly anticipated debut in the next update early next year.

Genshin Impact is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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