GWM Ora Funky Cat EV goes on roadshow in UK

GWM has become a better known brand with big plans in the EV space for Australia and other right-wing markets like the UK.

Its first right-hand drive electric vehicle, the Funky Ora Cat EV hatchback, has already been spotted on our roads here in Australia. Now the Chinese automaker plans to bring it to the UK as it prepares to take another tour.

Ora Good Cat next to the Tesla Model 3. Image: Riz Akhtar
Ora Good Cat next to the Tesla Model 3. Image: Riz Akhtar

EV buyers who had submitted expressions of interest for this EV city were contacted by GWM in the UK to respond and get insight of this new electric vehicle about to hit the streets of the UK. The invite says:

“You could be among the first in the UK to get closer to our highly anticipated ORA Funky Cat First Edition launch model.”

The roadshow kicks off on Wednesday November 2 in Glasgow. From there the roadshow would head to Braintree then Wolverhampton and end in Bristol.

Image: GWM UK

This is a great opportunity for interested EV buyers to ask questions and see this city EV in person. After seeing it in Melbourne next to a Tesla Model 3 in late August, it looks like a fun zippy EV.

Next Ora Cat.  Source: GWM
Interior Ora Cat. Source: GWM

With GWM planning to bring this EV to the UK beforere the end of the year, a possible launch in a right-hand drive like ours might not be too far after that. The more options and segments new EVs cover (in this case, an affordable city center car), the better it will be for EV adoption in Australia.