Hacks to Score 99 Percentile on Entrance to B Schools

CAT 2022: Hacks to Score 99 Percentile at School B Entrance

CAT 2022 will take place on November 27

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CAT 2022: The common admission test, CAT 2022, will take place on November 27. Candidates might be in their last stage of preparation with only fifteen days left for entry into B schools. ace in one of the toughest contests.

Careers360 had a word with experts from Coaching Centers, Institutes that provided important prep hacks that will help them score 99 percentile or higher in CAT.

Gautam Bawa, senior director of BYJU, advised candidates to practice and take as many mock tests as they can. “A 99 percentile performance in CAT requires excellent match practice and the ability to tackle whatever is thrown at you on D-Day. To ensure the same adequate number of simulations must be taken so that you are not in a major surprise come November 27. Writing a plethora of simulations exposes you to a myriad of questions and also different situations. It will help you learn to control your emotions and think on your feet. Equally, if not more importantly, ensure you analyze every simulation that you take,” said the senior director.

“Analyzing simulations helps you identify any Achilles’ heels you may have. Are you trying the right questions? Are you repeatedly making mistakes? Are you leaving participants with no attempt? Did you solve every question in the smartest way possible? This and many more such questions get answered if you analyze Mocks well,” he added.

According to Ms. Ritu Rahul Rathod, Founder of Moonlight Musings, “In addition to mock tests, candidates should practice previous year questions and focus on time management, which is crucial for CAT preparation” .

CAT 2022: Prep Hacks for Success at School B Entrance

  1. Most importantly, time management for this computer-based exam is crucial early on in a candidate’s CAT preparation. You have a time limit of 40 minutes for each section. When preparing for your exam, keep track of how long you take to solve each question. As you progress, try to improve your speed and accuracy
  2. Using shortcut methods to solve questions can help you save a lot of time. So, keep in mind the shortcut tricks your mentors teach you and be sure to write them down and review them regularly.
  3. Working on quizzes from previous years and taking regular mock tests can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses
  4. An important aspect of CAT cracking is your choice of questions. Be sure to carefully analyze a question before trying it and only move forward if you are sure you can solve it
  5. To improve your vocabulary and reading skills, you should read a variety of books, as well as editorials, newspaper articles, and reviews.

CAT 2022: Prep tips by topic

  • Quantitative attitude: arithmetic and algebra have the most weight. It is recommended that candidates are familiar with both subjects
  • Verbal ability and reading comprehension: reading comprehension pages, para-mixes, para-summaries, odd sentences and fill in the blanks. The maximum questions come from reading comprehension, which makes RC the most important aspect of VARC
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: Matrix or Arrangements, Reasoning-Based DI, Venn Diagrams and Games and Tournaments.

On exam day, self-confidence and patience are key to succeeding in competitive exams like the CAT. Mr Bawa said: “Mostly don’t worry if a section doesn’t go the way you want it to. For all you know it’s the same for most of India at this time- So keeping calm, believing in yourself and telling yourself “I’m a stud” for those 120 minutes is key. Feel invincible for those 120 minutes and be as humble as you can be to each side of those 120 minutes.”

Qualified candidates for CAT 2022 can gain admission into the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), B-schools.