Halloween Craft Idea: Cat Pumpkin

GREAT RAPIDS – A fun Halloween craft for family members of all ages, a painted pumpkin transformed into a cute cat.

What you will need:
• Mini pumpkin(s)
• (2) black or white pipe cleaners
• Chalk paint: black, white, pink
• Variety of small craft brushes
• (2) googly eyes
• (2) small headed thumbtacks
• Black felt sheet
• Pink felt sheet
• (2) toothpicks
• Glue gun
• Scissors

1. Wash the pumpkin to remove any dirt, wipe it dry
2. Paint the pumpkin with black chalk paint (avoid painting the stem)
3. To make the ears:
• Cut 2 triangles of black felt to the desired ear size
• Cut 2 pink felt triangles slightly smaller than the black felt triangles
• Using a glue gun, glue 2/3 of the length of the toothpick onto a triangle of black felt (1/3 of the toothpick should stick out from the bottom edge to be used to insert ears into the pumpkin)
• Glue the back of the pink triangle and place it over the black felt triangle, lining up the bottom edge – the toothpick will be sandwiched between the black and white felt.
• Repeat the 2 steps above to create the 2nd ear
4. To make the whiskers:
• Cut a pipe cleaner into 3 equal pieces
• Glue 3 ends together so the unglued ends fan out like cat’s whiskers
• Repeat the above steps to create the 2nd set of whiskers
5. Line up and insert the ears into the top of the pumpkin
6. Paint a pink triangle in the center of the pumpkin to look like the nose
7. Under the nose create the mouth using white paint as shown
8. Glue on googly eyes
9. Secure the whiskers by first inserting a thumbtack into the adjacent ends. Then attach mustaches to the pumpkin.

Michele’s Rescue also provides some pet safety tips this Halloween:

Keep your pets safe inside
• Halloween can be stressful for your pets – doorbell sounds, new people and
weird costumes can be confusing and stressful. Offer them a quiet place in your
home away from the activity. You can also listen to comforting music or turn on a TV to help you.
drown out unfamiliar noises.
• If you decide to take your pet with you, make sure it is restrained
with non-retractable leash, secure harness with ID tag, are microchipped and are well
lit with reflective gear. Keep cats indoors at all times, even when it’s not Halloween.

Keep costumes simple and supervised
• Select an easy to put on and take off costume that does not restrict their movements, including their
head or neck. Also consider the material and design so that your pet does not overheat or
get tangled in the suit.
• Never leave your pet unattended in their costume.
• Consider a Halloween-themed item like a necklace or bandana instead of a costume.

Candy can be extremely toxic
• Keep all candy sealed and out of reach of pets.
• If you want to celebrate with your four-legged friend, specifically consider pet-friendly options
for pets or give them their favorite treat.

Michele’s Rescue is always in need of foster dogs. Indeed, the non-profit organization 501 c3 refuses puppies because it does not have enough foster homes. To help, click here.