‘Happy reunion’: Missing cat reunited with family after 2 years

Ushamma’s family recently celebrated a happy moment as their pet cat – Ratheesh, who went missing during COVID-19, recently returned home. The cat returned to its human mother in Puthuppally, a town in Kottayam district, after almost two years.

According to Ushamma, she adopted the feline in 2016 and named it after a famous dialogue ‘Unaru Ratheesh’ from the Malayalam film ‘Kattappanaile Hrithik Roshan’.

Four years ago, the cat had a terrible accident in which one of its legs broke, and the feline underwent surgery.

Sadly, Ratheesh went missing during the pandemic and his family was heartbroken as they worried for the safety of their beloved pet.

However, they thought Ratheesh would survive. After he disappeared, Ushamma and his family searched the neighborhood for him, calling out his name.

“My cat disappeared two years ago during the time of COVID. Now he came back to our house. Four years ago the cat had an accident and we spent Rs 6000 for surgery. Now, he’s back, we’re happy,” Ushamma added.

After learning that Ratheesh has returned, the neighbors also visit Ushamma’s house to meet the cat every day.

“The cat itself returned to the village and went straight to its owner and when it saw Ushamma, it ran towards her and started to feel her hand so that it could recognize it,” a neighbor said.