Has anyone seen Pearl the cat? We are all very worried – Hayley Matthews

Pearl has been missing for over a month
Pearl has been missing for over a month

Also (and I don’t know if this is due to the effects of the full moon), but a lot of teenagers seem to be really aggressive right now. I feel intimidated when I see large groups of teenagers, so it’s no wonder many of us want to hang out together at night.

After one of the group members mentioned that his cat had been missing for a while now, I helped search. I took the car at night and watched during the day too. Although there have been possible sightings, we are still looking for little Pearl.

She is gray and white with a pink collar and is about ten years old. I would be forever grateful if anyone had seen this little cat because it’s such an awful feeling when they kinda disappear. My friend said it was really out of order for her to disappear. She’s been missing for over a month so we’re all worried.

If you want to help out a sister, keep your eyes peeled for Pearl. Last I heard, someone thought they saw her near the industrial area of ​​Telferton, near the Royal Mail depot. Pearl is from the Piershill, Willowbrae area and we would appreciate any sightings.

I’m also aware that there may be an influx of messages after this, but if you think you’ve seen it please let me know. You will find me on Facebook.