Have you seen this? It turns out that cats can “help” with household chores

Laundry day gets a little more fun for this household with an energetic kitten. (Youtube)

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HOUSE — Household chores are usually an integral part of life.

There’s a whole range of feelings when it comes to doing household chores, from those who really enjoy the experience to those who’d rather bump into each other really hard every day than clean a square inch of whatever. it would be.

That’s an extreme scale, but most people seem to find themselves in the middle of accepting and doing chores as a part of life…except for this particular chore they absolutely hate. (I bet you zero bucks that you just went a little crazy over your hated chore).

If you have kids, sometimes it’s a chore in itself to get those little ones to do their assigned chores. But there’s one resource you may have in your home that you may not have tapped into yet: your pets.

Not all pets are up to the task of helping around the house, and the choice of chore is limited without opposable thumbs, but it’s not impossible. Example: At least one family has a cat that “helps” with the laundry by making sure every item of clothing fits in the laundry basket.

The video shows an older, energetic kitten making a living at home. As the laundry is thrown towards the basket, the kitten jumps up to grab each piece of laundry to make sure it finds its place in the basket.

OK, so the only real way the cat helps is to make laundry a fun and exciting game and not do any part of the actual chore, but that still counts as a help.

The real point is that this video is fun, funny, and entertaining in a way that only cats can be. And maybe if laundry is the chore you hate, it will help you feel at least 1% better.


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