Heroic Mother Cat Supported by Warrington Charity Stars in Calendar

A BRAVE mother cat who cared for her kittens despite being ‘weak’ and unable to feed them has been chosen to be featured on the upcoming Cats Protection charity calendar for 2023.

Polly was admitted to Cats Protection Warrington Center with her newborn litter of four kittens, weak, barely able to stand and unable to feed her babies.

The Centre’s receptionist, Nicola Handley, made the brave decision to bring the mother and her kitten home in hopes of getting them treated.

As the mother’s milk had seemed to dry up due to the severity of her illness, Nicola had the difficult task of raising the kittens by hand while providing comfort and nourishment to Polly.

Nicola said: “Although Polly was very weak, she was a wonderful mother to her kittens.

“Over time, she regained her strength and her milk came back.

“They stayed with me for a few months as they were all underweight and needed extra support before they were ready to be neutered.Warrington Guardian: Henry and Arthur were adopted with their mother Polly by kind receptionist Nicola at the Warrington Cats Protection CenterHenry and Arthur were adopted with their mother Polly by the kind receptionist, Nicola, at the Warrington Cats Protection Center. (Image: Cat Protection Center)

The former cat carer had only recently lost her very own furry companion, Masie, to chronic health issues and said she missed her cat’s presence in the house.

After caring for the kittens, Nicola decided she couldn’t part with her new family but not having the means to give them a forever home, she decided to adopt Polly and two of her kittens, Henry and Arthur.

While the other two kittens who were closely related were adopted by a “lovely” family.

Nicola added: “Henry and Arthur are completely tied to each other; they groom, play together, snuggle and sleep together all the time.

“Polly is still very fond of boys but also likes to have some time to herself, probably because they can be very loud.

“All three like to follow me around the house wherever I go; it’s like having three little shadows with me all the time.

The heartwarming story caught the attention of the national charity and inspired them to place Polly as the face of ‘Miss June’ in their 2023 calendar.

“When I heard that Polly was going to be on the Cats Protection calendar, I felt incredibly proud of her.

“She had a very difficult start to life but still managed to be a brilliant mum to her kittens. She gained so much confidence and now I know I’m biased, I think she’s beautiful,” said declared the heroic receptionist.

Tom Ryan, Acting Head of Retail and Commerce at Cats Protection, said: “Our 2023 calendars will bring smiles to faces across the country, illustrating the result of the good work done by our branch volunteers and staff. , centers and stores and as a reminder that we do everything for cats.

“Every calendar, planner, box of Christmas cards or hidden treasure purchased this season will help cats in need.”

To find out more about buying a Cats Protection Calendar visit their website catsprotectionshop.co.uk/