Hobbs man charged with extreme animal cruelty, accused of strangling cat

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — Hobbs police arrested Felix Pena, 54, after a family told them they saw Pena picking up their cat and strangling it.

According to a statement from the Hobbs Police Department, the family provided CCTV showing Pena picking up the cat by the neck. The cat could be seen struggling to get away as Pena strangled it.

The cat died from his injuries, at which point Pena picked up a shovel and attempted to bury him outside the victim’s yard.

The cat belonged to the 11-year-old daughter of the family.

Pena is currently being held at the Lea County Detention Center.

In addition to being charged with extreme cruelty to an animal, which is a fourth degree felony, Pena is charged with tampering with evidence; also a fourth degree felony.

Pena has a long criminal past, including:

  • 12 charges of failing to appear
  • 6 traffic offenses
  • 4 probation/conditional release offenses
  • 34 charges of criminal trespass
  • 2 charges of transfer or concealment of stolen vehicle
  • 3 charges of driving with a revoked license
  • 6 counts of resisting an officer’s escape or obstruction.
  • 3 charges of hiding on private property
  • 8 charges of shoplifting
  • 3 charges of disorderly conduct
  • 2 charges of criminal damage to property
  • 2 charges of breaking and entering
  • 3 burglary charges
  • 3 counts of attempted felony
  • 2 charges of drinking alcohol in public
  • 1 charge of driving under the influence
  • 3 aerosol abuse
  • 1 battery charge
  • 1 battery charge on a peace officer

Pena is due to stand trial Thursday in the Magistrates Court.

If anyone has information regarding the incident, the Hobbs Police Department encourages you to contact them at 575-397-99265 or Lea County Crime Stoppers at 575-393-8005.