Hocus Pocus star addresses Binx plot hole

Hocus Pocus Star Jason Marsden has some thoughts on a major plot hole.

Think back to the original 1993 witch-a-thon, when boy-turned-cat Thackery Binx (voiced by Marsden) rubbed his dad’s calves at the public execution of the Sanderson sisters.

The furball could clearly talk, so why didn’t he reveal his status as an astronomical cat? (Pun absolutely intended).

Jason Marsden

Steve GranitzGetty Images

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“What a great idea for a prequel that would be, to find out how he takes it all together,” Marsden said recently. Weekly entertainment.

“My guess is this: it’s a new spell, a new forum. You try being a cat for an hour and learn to walk, use a tail and talk! It’s probably something Thackery had to learn or evolve over the hundreds of years he had to deal with being an immortal cat.”

Also weighing in on Binx’s issue, Max Dennison’s Omri Katz commented, “We were all watching it together last weekend. I said the exact same thing.

“As soon as he crawls around his dad’s legs, rubs himself and meows, it’s like, why doesn’t he say anything?

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Further on, Marsden (whose later voice work includes Taken away as if by magic and monster university), shared his reaction to Hocus Pocus 2in which he does not take over the black cat.

“I thought it was fun, but a serious underuse of Hannah Waddingham [as the Sanderson Sisters’ coven mother]. She was exceptional. I was hoping to see a lot more.”

Allison Watts actress Vinessa Shaw added: “I love the new actors that are involved. I especially thought the girls playing witches as children were hilarious. I enjoyed it. was fun.”

Hocus Pocus and its sequel are now streaming on Disney+.