How to stop cats from pooping and urinating in your garden – “Keep the cats away!” »

“However, if you have a large garden you will need to expand enormously otherwise they will just move out of reach of the offending material.”

No longer a fancy hack, but according to the expert, lion poo works as a great deterrent for cats. The gardening guru said: “Another hack is to use lion poop to deter cats. If they think there is another cat around, they will move to cat-free territory.

Households can also buy water and sound repellents. Angela explained, “It’s always an option to install an automatic deterrent, like a sprinkler system or a high-pitched noise system.”

Cats hate water, so gardeners can use it in the outdoor space to keep them from getting dirty. Gardeners can also use a hose or sprayer if they don’t want to spend money on a sprinkler.