How to Stop Cats from Ruining the Christmas Tree in December

Experts have revealed simple ways to keep your cat from ruining your Christmas tree this season.

Every year, many cat owners have to complete their feline friend’s annual challenge by knocking down baubles, tinsel and the Christmas tree.

However, with some new expert advice, keeping your Christmas decorations going this time around might be a little easier.

Harriet from Yorkshire and B&Q expert Mairi Devlin have revealed some simple ways to curb this bad behavior.

How to stop cats from ruining the Christmas tree

Here are the best ways to keep your cat from ruining your Christmas tree this year, according to B&Q:


One of the best ways to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree and destroy it is to add citrus fruits to the area.

Harriet says, “Cats generally don’t like the smell of citrus fruits. Planting citrus spray or peels near the tree should be a natural way to keep your cat from destroying your Christmas decor like mine did.

The reason cats and other animals are averse to citrus fruits is that they have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, which means citrus smells can be over the top for a cat.

Move your tree away from furniture

By placing the Christmas tree away from furniture, you reduce the chances of your cat gaining access to the tree as well as their ability to jump off furniture into foliage.

Mairi Devlin, horticulture manager at B&Q, says: “You want to minimize their opportunities to access the tree as much as possible. If you have your tree near furniture, you give your cat an easy way to destroy your tree.

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Canva - Citrus is a great way to repel cats from a Christmas treeCanva – Citrus is a great way to keep cats away from a Christmas tree (Image: Canvas)

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Avoid placing decorations on the lower part of a tree

By placing the balls higher, these decorations become less tempting to cats.

Mairi explains: “Cats are attracted to anything that shines or dangles from their face. The temptation can easily be avoided by avoiding placing balls at eye level and focusing on decorating higher up the tree.

Place aluminum foil around the base of the tree

“Cats hate the look, feel and sound of foil” according to Harriet, so placing it at the base can deter them from jumping up the tree.

Opt for a half-umbrella Christmas tree

Mairi suggests, “Rather than keeping half your tree bare, why not opt ​​for a half-umbrella tree this year to ward off any temptations for your cat? That way the decor is out of your cat’s reach, while keeping the festive spirit in the room.”

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