In a first, vets discover the homeless cat is neither male nor female

A homeless cat in the UK has left vets stunned after discovering it is neither male nor female. Initially, the tabby and white kitten called Hope was thought to be female when admitted to Cats Protection rescue center in Warrington, according to a report from the Guardian. However, vets were surprised to find that the 15-week-old cat had no internal or external sex organs after the exam.

Cats Protection senior field vet Fiona Brockbank cited the reason as a case of agenesis and noted that she and her colleagues had never encountered such a thing before.

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The state of agenesis refers to a state in which there is a complete absence of an organ or a lack of specific cells in an organ. Speaking about the condition in detail, Brockbank told the publication: ‘There is an outward possibility that some ectopic ovarian tissue is hiding inside, but we believe this is extremely unlikely. It’s so rare that there really isn’t a commonly used term for the condition.”

Vets admitted there were no previous cases [on which] to ground the knowledge of how it will affect Hope in the future. However, doctors monitor the cat to make sure it can urinate and defecate properly before considering it ready for adoption.

The kitten remains in good health regardless of his condition until he is rehomed at Cats Protection’s Tyneside Adoption Centre. Center manager Beni Benstead said the kitten had been ‘a pleasure to care for’ adding that he would ‘give someone many years of enjoyment and companionship’.

The photo of the kitten was also shared socially via Cats Protection’s Instagram page with a caption that read: “Playful kitten Hope walked into our Cats Protection Tyneside adoption center with her siblings and turned out to be naughty. be neither sex, which is extremely rare. ! So rare in fact that there isn’t even a common term for Hope’s special status and the news has gone global.”

One user even described the cat as a “non-binary icon” in comments on Instagram. Another remarked, “Oh wow! I’ve never heard of that!” Others showered the beautiful kitten with love, hoping he will soon find a wonderful home.