Incredible moment a cat and a dog strike the same pose in photo: ‘Adorables Idiots’

The incredible moment when a cat and a dog strike the same cheeky pose left the internet in awe.

The popular photo captioned: ‘I only noticed they had their tongues stuck out after the fact’, has received more than 41,000 upvotes since it was posted by @Sweaty-Camera-7801 on December 31.

Cooper, the nine-year-old tabby cat, and Labrador retriever Savannah look directly at the camera while pulling the same face.

Talk to Newsweekthe poster, who declined to be named, said: “They act a lot like siblings. Cooper bites off small objects like phones or pencils that he can reach, and Savanna is a pig d ‘careful. When I first noticed what they were doing, I immediately ran into the other room to show my brother.’

Funny photo of cat and dog Reddit
A Reddit user shares a funny pet photo captioned, “I only noticed they had their tongues stuck out afterwards.”

Why do cats stick out their tongues?

According to Hill’s Pet Nutrition, it’s not unusual for a cat owner to see their furry friend’s tongue at least once a day. After all, they use it to eat, drink and groom themselves; some cats may even stick out their tongues while sleeping.

However, if your cat suddenly starts sticking out its tongue, it could be related to a health issue. “Respiratory infections, for example, can cause a cat to stick out its tongue and pant. Additionally, an older cat with dementia may have trouble keeping its tongue in its mouth,” the food company said. pets.

But more often than not, your cat is likely to stick out its tongue because “it’s calm and happy,” resulting in hilarious photos like this.

Why do dogs stick out their tongues?

You may see a dog’s tongue more often than not, as it regularly pulls the muscle when panting. But like cats, it could mean something more sinister.

Pet care company Wag! provided more information on possible causes.


Behavior that “involves using the tongue to ‘taste the air’ in response to sniffing after a female.”

Oral cancers and other masses

Sometimes a dog may stick out his tongue because there is an oral tumor, which may be malignant. Or tiny bumps or warts caused by a virus that are often benign.

Serious dental disease

A dog’s tongue can become inflamed for a number of reasons such as exposure to toxic plants or chemicals, bacterial or viral infections, and canker sores.

An image of a Labrador Retriever sticking out its tongue. A photo of two animals sticking their tongues out has gone viral on Reddit.
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What are the comments saying?

In the comments, their owner calls the couple “very adorable idiots”.

Many people have compared the image to photos they took of themselves as children.

One user said, “Looks like pictures of me and my brothers when we were kids!”

Another wrote: “Children will be children no matter the species!”

“It’s hilarious they both posed like that!!!” writes another person.

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