Instant Karma: Cat-caller jailed after chasing IRL Twitch streamer at resort pool

An erratic man was arrested after he approached, harassed and then chased IRL Twitch streamer Justketh around a swimming pool at a resort during his stream on January 2. The chilling moment came after Justketh rejected the man’s invitation to sit down with him, during which he also allegedly gestured in a way asking her to perform oral sex with him.

Visibly shocked, Justketh began explaining the situation to her viewers, only for the man to approach her and tell her that she was bothering him as he tried to relax and wanted her to “wind up.” shut up”.

Justketh flinched several times as the man looked at her, pointed towards the pool, and raised his voice. She immediately grabbed her things and walked away, calling the man a “fucking idiot” in the process.

This apparently triggered it. He started pacing towards her with his arms flailing, shouting profanities. “That’s not normal, cat. That’s not normal,” Justketh said as he ran inside.

Justketh reported the incident to staff members, but her fans told her to also report the incident to local authorities, which she did. Police attended the compound and arrested the man hours later.

They also needed an official statement from Justketh, so they drove her to the station in a truck while the man was handcuffed behind her. He could be seen screaming and waving his hands in the air during the ride.

Justketh later confirmed that the man had been charged with a fine for his behavior but could not pay due to problems with his bank card, so he would end up spending a night behind bars instead.

It didn’t take long for karma to come back and bite him.