International Cat Day: UK’s favorite cat breeds revealed – see list

Cats are the second most popular pet in the UK, after their four-legged enemies of course.

According to the charity, Covid-19 contributed to that number with 7% of owners saying they got a cat for a reason directly related to the pandemic, such as being on vacation or generally spending more time at home.

In time for International Cat Day today, commissioned a YouGov data search, uncovering the top 10 cat breeds in the UK.

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Top 10 cat breeds in the UK

The online casino company compiled the list based on the number of respondents with a favorable opinion of the cat breed, as well as awareness of the breed, using the percentage of respondents who have actually heard of it.

Here’s what came out on top:

  1. Bengal
  2. British Shorthair
  3. Siberian
  4. rag doll
  5. european shorthair
  6. himalayan
  7. beggar
  8. Coon Maine
  9. Russian blue
  10. Cheetah Cat

bengal cat

At the top of the list is Bengal. This hybrid of domestic cats inherited its appearance from the Asian leopard cat, from which the Bengal part of the name also comes.

Despite its wild ancestry, it is a very tame breed that easily attaches to its owner. Although Bengal cats can be trained, their curiosity makes them very active, which is why they are so fun to play with.

British shorthair cat

The British Shorthair takes second place. According to the Cat Fancy Board of Trustees (GCCF), this is the most popular purebred cat in the UK.

This gentle breed is perfect for families, but it also tolerates being left alone for up to three days. However, it is important to keep them active due to their muscular build.

With its broad chest and well-developed muzzle, the British Shorthair inspired the famous illustration of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

siberian cat

The Siberian cat came in third place. These cats, designed for the harsh Siberian winters, have a water-resistant triple coat that comes in different colors and patterns.

Siberians are very smart and love to learn tricks and play fetch. They are said to have a fascination with water, which can lead them to drop their toys in their water bowl or be very drawn to bathtubs.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are fourth. Famous for their striking blue eyes, Ragdolls have pointed coats, which means their extremities are a darker color than their much paler bodies.

The breed matures slowly, reaching its height and weight at four years old. Ragdolls are often referred to as puppy-like cats because of their personality.

They tend to follow their owner and are generally laid back, with great tolerance towards other pets.

European shorthair cat

In fifth comes the European Shorthair cat. With their straightforward personality and easy grooming requirements, they are ideal for those with no previous experience with cats.

They are highly adaptable to new environments and are ideal for families with young children and other pets.

Although they are friendly and love to please their owner, they can be shy and timid around strangers. European Shorthairs come in a remarkable range of eye colors, and they can have odd-numbered eyes, usually with one eye blue and the other green or amber.