Iron Man and Black Cat were fighting the wrong villain in Iron Cat

This article contains major spoilers for iron cat #3, available now from Marvel Comics.

The plot of Iron Cat began with a relatively simple premise: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat’s ex-girlfriend wants revenge on her, and an unwitting Tony Stark/Iron Man is dragged in for the ride. iron cat #3 (by VC’s Jef MacKay, Pere Perez, Jordi Tarragona Garcia, Frank D’Armata, and Ariana Maher), however, the story departs from the status quo. By the end of the issue, it’s not Felicia’s ex-girlfriend who is the story’s main threat. Rather, she’s Tony Stark’s ex-girlfriend, Sunset Bain/Madame Menace.

The story picks up where the last issue left off, with Black Cat and Tony Stark attending a fancy party to bait Tamara Blake/Iron Cat. When Tamara arrives, the dance begins as Felicia and Tamara constantly try to come together with increasingly dramatic revelations, plans, and back-up plans. Felicia and Tony reveal that the party attendees were all actually robots set up to defeat Tamara, which she contradicts by revealing that she is working with Madame Menace. Sunset quickly takes control of the robotic partygoers and turns them against Felicia and Tony.

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After that, Felicia pulls out her next asset: her very own Iron Cat costume, secretly constructed behind Tony’s back in the last issue. This revelation angers Tony, Sunset and Tamara – but it’s only Tamara’s feelings that seem to genuinely concern Felicia. Felicia suggests that Tamara could kill her easily if she had chosen a simple method of assassination – just shooting her with a sniper rifle, for example – and that Tamara’s choice to impersonate Iron Cat reveals that she doesn’t. doesn’t really want to kill Felicia at all.

Tamara hits Felicia repeatedly with her claws and asks Felicia to explain why she killed Black Fox. Felicia says she had no choice – an accurate statement, given that he planned to destroy all of New York if she hadn’t intervened. Tony finally breaks up the pair’s brawl and Tamara is defeated, she only having one more ace overall: freeing Madame Menace to fight on her behalf.

Tamara does so and Madame Menace celebrates her victory. She reveals that she doesn’t care if Felicia lives or dies and that her partnership with Tamara was just a means to an end. With her freedom intact, she now begins her true plan for revenge: to melt down all reactors built by Stark around the world, with the goal of permanently destroying the reputation of the Stark brand.

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It is not surprising that there has been a turnaround. However, there are plenty of potential directions the story could take from here. This new, bigger foe could set up a redemption arc for Tamara, where the three ironclad heroes realize their differences don’t matter and they team up to defeat Madame Menace. Tamara may just want closure and an outlet for the grief she feels over Black Fox’s death, not real revenge on Felicia.

This new redeemed Tamara could also potentially rekindle her relationship with Black Cat. This particular series launched during Pride month and Marvel pushed Felicia more as a kind of queer icon of sorts, with a variant cover of their Pride issue last year and being the main character in the reintroduction of Jessie Drake. , Marvel’s first transgender. character, returning in 2021. On the other hand, Felicia is already Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s recurring lover, so it’s possible Marvel doesn’t want to add another character to the already convoluted tapestry of characters that make up Felicia’s love life.

It’s also possible, of course, that all three heroes want to stop Madame Menace but don’t want to work together. Felicia just betrayed Tony Stark by building Iron Cat without his permission, so he may not be willing to work with her – and Felicia and Tamara are already at odds. Luckily, it won’t be long before readers can see what happens next in iron cat #4.