Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her Cat-Balancing Yoga Act On Instagram

Kate Beckinsale celebrated International Cat Day with none other than her kitten.

The actress, 49, is really bonded at the hip with her Persian cat, Clive, and has been known to post some pretty funny videos of their activities together. But to celebrate the special day, Beckinsale took to her Instagram to honor her cat with a series of cute perfect posts.

In the first video, Beckinsale was training with her cuddly cat. The actress donned a set of sheer black sportswear as she balanced her cat on her shoulder while practicing warrior pose.

The next video showed Beckinsale applying lip gloss as her cat crawled along the counter. The video carousel also featured the actress lying in a pool on a float with her cat by her side and a few others who showed off her bond with her cute cat. The very last photo from the carousel shows Beckinsale’s cat sitting on its head.