Know the steps to calculate the percentile score

CAT 2022: Know the steps to calculate the percentile score

CAT 2022 percentile calculator, grade normalization

New Delhi:

The Common Admission Test (CAT) will take place on November 27. The CAT is organized for admission to postgraduate management programs. The CAT 2022 Questionnaire will have three sections – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; Quantitative ability and interpretation of data and logical reasoning. As the CAT takes place in time slots, applicants will receive a percentile score.

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Applicants receive a call from IIMs for upcoming admission cycles based on the CAT threshold for various IIMs and based on preferences expressed by applicants. Shortlisted candidates are called for the next rounds of selection by the respective IIMs which normally include Writing Ability Test (WAT), Personal Interview (PI) and Group Discussion (GD).

CAT 2022 Percentile Calculator: Steps to Check

  1. Calculate the total number of candidates (N) who showed up for the CAT
  2. Assign a rank (r), based on the scaled scores obtained in the QA section, to all candidates who presented for the CAT. In the event that two or more candidates achieve identical scaled scores in the QA section, assign identical ranks to all of those candidates.
  3. Calculate the percentile score (P) of a candidate with the rank (r) in the QA section as follows: P = [(N − r)/N] x100
  4. Round a candidate’s calculated percentile (P) score up to two decimal places

“In order to ensure impartiality and fairness in relation to the performance of the candidates in different testing sessions, the candidates’ scores will be subject to a normalization process,” an official statement said last year while explaining. the CAT standardization process.

“The normalization process must accommodate differences in the location and scale of score distributions between different shapes. After normalizing on different forms, the scores should be further normalized on different sections. The scaled scores obtained through this process will be converted into percentiles for the purpose of shortlisting,” he added.