Leeds Kitty Cafe: Leeds’ famous cat cafe will reopen this winter four months after it was forced to close due to a roof collapse

The Kirkgate, Leeds-based cat cafe suffered extensive damage in August this year and although no cats or people were injured, the level of wreckage forced the cafe to close. The severe damage made the site uninhabitable for cats and unsafe for customers and due to Covid, the cost of living crisis, soaring energy prices, supply issues and this incident , staff at Leeds Kitty Cafe weren’t sure the business could handle more.

However, following great public support and progress in renovating the café, the administration team revealed that it would reopen after all. In the meantime, the public can continue to support the cafe by visiting the Kitty Cafe donation page.

The Leeds branch was first opened in December 2017 after a former Yorkshire bank was converted to Kirkgate by owner Katie Charles-Richards following the success of the original Kitty Cafe branch in Nottingham. Since then, the cafe has been a resounding success with customers from all over the country visiting the establishment. The café can accommodate 35 cats, all of which are up for adoption.

What happened to Leeds Kitty Cafe?

On the night of August 5, 2022, the floor of the former Debenhams store above the cafe collapsed and collapsed into the Kitty Cafe. This is believed to be due to a leak.

Luckily all the cats were safe as this happened at night when they were all safely sequestered in the cattery.

A few days after the incident, Kitty Cafe posted on their Facebook page: “Just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support for Kitty Cafe Leeds.

Kitty Cafe, Leeds. (Photo credit: Simon Hulme)

“We are devastated to be closed, but as always it is the power of the support we are getting from you guys that gives us the fire to keep fighting, and we will fight.

“As I’m sure you can all appreciate, it’s very complicated to sort this out with all the different parties involved and the main concern and problem being what’s unseen at the moment. Next week we’ll talk about the extent of the damage and next steps.

“Please know the cats are currently in care until we have a firm plan in place. They are all relaxing and getting plenty of treats.

“I want to say that the number of donation requests has made me cry at the kindness of you all – it really makes a difference, allowing us to cover expenses around the cats at the moment and future expenses related to the ‘incident.”

An external shot of Kitty Cafe, Leeds. (Photo credit: Simon Hulme)

When will Leeds Kitty Cafe reopen?

It has been confirmed that the cafe will reopen and the date will likely be December 5, in time for the holiday season.