Letter from Cat Matilda to Santa

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Kittens love Christmas.


We don’t know each other since it’s the first time I’ve sent you a Christmas letter, so let’s get to know each other.

First of all, I have believed in you, the giver of wonderful gifts, for about two years when I found my forever home with the McKinney family. I had been alone for a long time when I found them, and it was a stroke of luck. Do you have something to do with it? Anyway, I hope you read letters from cats as well as sweet little boys and girls because I have some wishes, but I also have some “thanks” during this season of gifts and presents. .

Once I learned to trust my new family, I started to be less anxious and less fearful. They have been so good to me. I had a warm, safe place to sleep, lots of tasty food that I didn’t have to grab myself, and a loving hand on my head when I wandered a bit near one of them. them. All of this familiarization stuff took a while, but we were slowly getting comfortable when the big guy disappeared. I really missed him because I could beat my big green eyes at him, and he brushed me until I was purring on the rooftops. Mom was sad too, so she and I made a big effort to get closer as the days passed.

People also read…

Eventually, I decided that her knees were a soft, comfortable place, and she allowed me to sleep at the foot of the bed, which was forbidden since the big guy was a little allergic to me. Now, after a year, the water doesn’t drip much from my wife’s face, and she and I have become best friends.

I am a very good cat. When my mom has a nightmare, I sit on her chest and meow in her face until she wakes up. I use my litter boxes faithfully and I don’t make a mess. I am clean and have good grooming habits, and I don’t snore. If I happen to catch a chipmunk, I bring it to Mom as a gift; she praises me, pats me on the head, then she and I bury the man in the flower garden. I think gifts make her happy, but I’m not sure.

OKAY. That’s pretty much me, so here’s my Christmas wish list.

• My mom is wonderfully loving and kind, so help her to be happy and always let me stay with her.

• Please bring some of my favorite treats; my stocking hangs by the fireplace in the living room.

• Help all homeless kittens like me find a wonderful home like me.

• That people be certain, if they adopt a pet for Christmas, that they will keep it.

• Help humans understand that animals are “people” too.

That’s it, Santa Claus. I heard you were a magician, so I hope you take my list seriously.

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Barbara W. McKinney


Barbara W. McKinney, a retired teacher/administrator, lives with her foster cat Matilda and a mountain full of birds and wildlife. She received the Outstanding Young Educator Award for McDowell County in 1972. Contact her at [email protected]