Long Island family to find Mimi, cat missing for 10 years – NBC New York

You could say that Mimi is feline lucky.

The cat went missing 10 years ago on Long Island and despite her family’s best efforts, she has been lost to them for the past decade. The Price family searched and searched — putting up flyers all over town and contacting local vets — but ultimately they gave up hope of ever seeing their beloved cat again.

Then, out of the blue, the family received a phone call last week that Mimi had been found and released to the City of Brookhaven Animal Shelter.

Mimi was not in her best shape. Shelter supervisor Linda Klamplf said the cat wasn’t eating enough and her fur was badly matted.

“It looked like an armor shield, that’s how tangled it was,” Klampfl said.

Shelter staff cleaned up the cat and discovered she was microchipped, which led them all the way to Spain. Turns out its owner had retired last year and crossed the ocean.

The news was hard to believe. Richard Price remembers his first reaction: “Oh my god, she’s alive, it’s fantastic. And oh my god, we left her there.”

“We felt both thrilled and horrified,” he said.

In July 2012, Mimi was staying with Price’s sister-in-law in Miller Place when the cat came out. A thorough search yielded no results and there was simply no sign of her.

“If only she could speak up and tell us what she went through,” Price said.

Fortunately, at 13, Mimi is still in good health and after being treated, she is on the way to becoming herself again. A relative is watching Mimi until Richard and his wife visit Long Island next month. They plan to bring her back to Spain with them.