Man catches random cat amid hilarious crime spree

Recently, while spending a pleasant evening on the town in the island nation of Cyprus, Connor Cutts and his companion came across a crime in progress.

There, on the sidewalk in front of them, was a random cat shamelessly showing off its collection of stolen goods – stuffed monkey dolls, of which there were several scattered around.

But as Cutts soon discovered, the cat’s crime spree wasn’t over yet.

As the couple watched, the kleptomaniac cat threw away the monkey doll it was playing with and turned around. He started to cross the street.

Where was he heading? At the store that sells these monkeys, it’s there.

However, again, he had no intention of paying:

Where the cat came from, or why exactly it felt the need for so many stolen stuffed monkeys, no one knows. But as brazen as these thefts were, they left no hard feelings in their wake.

Ioannis Anthimou, owner of the store your cat robbed, says he’s well aware of the crime spree — and frankly has no problem with it.

“The cat was very funny,” Anthimou told The Dodo. “OK, we lost money, but we enjoyed the chat [regardless].”

Who doesn’t love a little monkey business, after all?