Man saves cat from hurricane in moving video

Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida on Wednesday with winds reaching over 155 mph, leaving paths of flooding and destruction in the area.

Many were forced to evacuate and seek shelter and, as often happens with natural disasters, many pets and animals were abandoned or escaped in the aftermath of the storm, the only hope of survival being saved.

Fortunately, there are also helpers.

In a video that has been viewed on Twitter more than 3.1 million times, a Bonita Springs, Florida man is going viral for his heroic actions on Wednesday afternoon after rescuing a cat trapped outside.

The man, identified as Mike Ross, 29, wades through the water and walks over to the cat where he continues to climb the structure and pick up the frightened animal, bringing it back to safe ground where his girlfriend (who is filming) is standing.

According to Washington PostRoss and his girlfriend have taken the animal as their own and plan to keep it if its owners can’t be found after the storm.

The video received an outpouring of praise and adoration, offering a moment of shimmering hope amid the tragedy.

“Seeing him approach the cat with respect was beautiful,” one user wrote. “This poor darling was clearly scared and trusted him to take care of it.”

“He is so nice and gentle with the cat,” said another. “Always look for helpers.”

Other photos of animals seeking shelter have appeared on the social media platform, particularly those taken at zoos and animal sanctuaries in Florida, as most of these establishments usually do not intend to to evacuate the animals but rather to shelter them on the spot.

“Our animals are safe with staff on hand to see them through the storm,” wrote Sunken Gardens, a St. Petersburg-based botanical garden, alongside an adorable photo of flamingos seeking refuge in a bathroom. on the spot.

Hurricane Ian continued to pass through the Sunshine State Thursday morning.