‘Marry him!’ Video of Florida man rescuing cat stranded in Hurricane Ian goes viral

Amid the fury of Hurricane Ian as it hit the Florida coast on Wednesday, a resident took to the water-filled streets to rescue a stranded cat perched on an air conditioning unit as the ocean raged below.

The rescue videotaken by man’s mother and posted on Twitter by his girlfriend Megan Cruz Scavowent viral, racking up over 1.1 million views and nearly 200,000 likes on Friday afternoon.

The rescue: mike rossThe 29-year-old saw the helpless orange and white cat from his parents’ window where he cowered as the Category 4 storm rolled into Bonita Springs in southwest Florida.

Ross waded through rapid floodwaters knee-deep to the terrified cat before hugging him to his chest and heading for safety. See below:

The answer: As the viral video made its way around the internet, Twitter users responded with messages of thanks, praise and sorrow, as well as the rage that people would leave behind their pets.

The most common comment, as the Post noted, was “marry her,” though. “Absolute hero. Marry this man. I hope you all stay safe,” Kelly Madox (@kellyamaddox) wrote.

Lulu Mac (@LuluMcSideways) wanted to adopt Ross as her own. “I’m sorry, Megan, but he’s everyone’s boyfriend now.”

Want to help? Ross and Scavo had been forced to evacuate their residence in Naples, Florida before the wrath of Hurricane Ian. The couple’s house is badly damaged and needs to be restored. Those wishing to help can donate to the pair through Ross and Scavo’s GoFundMe, with half of the proceeds going to the Naples Humane Society.

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