Meet the oldest cat to ever live

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If you’re lucky enough to have a feline companion in your home, you’ll probably want as many years with him as possible. This may lead you to research the average lifespan of cats, and perhaps even the age of the oldest cat on record.

While most cat parents have spent many years with their precious cat by their side, some cat owners have been given more time than one might imagine. A few cats have stunned experts with their advanced age, and some have even received world records for their remarkable lifespan.

Today we’re going to introduce you to the oldest house cat that has ever lived, as well as the cat that holds the current Guinness World Record for oldest living cat! Let’s dive!

What is the average lifespan of domestic cats?

Creme Puff, the oldest cat to ever live.

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Before you can recognize how impressive the oldest cat on record is, it’s important to know the average lifespan of most feline friends. Most domestic cats can live anywhere 12 to 18 years old, but there are a handful of cats that have defied this average. Meet the cat that blew that standard life expectancy out of the water!

Meet Creme Puff – Oldest Cat Ever

Creme Puff the cat is a domestic shorthair who has managed to 38 years old. This impressive cat was born on August 3, 1967, in Austin, Texas, and lived for three decades until his death in 2005. Other cats have been crowned as the oldest living cat since Creme Puff, but none have even approached 38 years.

Creme Puff was named the oldest living cat by Guinness World Records in 2010, but she wasn’t the only impressive cat in the house. His housemate, grandfather Rex Allen, also lived to an incredible age! Grandpa Rex Allen may not have reached the age of 38 like Creme Puff, but he lived to be 34. We don’t know what was in the water in that house!

Who owned Creme Puff?

Jake Perry was the proud owner of Creme Puff and grandfather Rex Allen. He has lived in Austin, Texas for much of his life, and he is extremely proud of his past and current feline family members. There’s even a documentary about Jake and his efforts to save cats, and it shows how much he loves every cat in his life.

How did Creme Puff survive so long?

There’s no way to know the exact reasons why Creme Puff has lived such a long life, but Jake Perry has shared some tips that he thinks are the cause of its impressive lifespan. He says his diet played a huge role in his overall health and longevity, and there are a few unique foods that made up his diet.

Jake fed Creme Puff dry cat kibble every day, but always supplemented with items like broccoli, eggs, and turkey bacon. He also offered Creme Puff the occasional sip of coffee with cream, and he even gave her a pipette filled with red wine every other day. Although we don’t recommend doing this for your feline companion, it’s interesting to hear about!

Along with Creme Puff’s unique diet, Jake also made sure to keep her as active as possible each day. Not only did he make sure to play with her often, but he even built wooden cat steps on the walls to encourage climbing. Jake also built a catio in his backyard to provide his cats with safe outdoor time every day.

Who is currently the oldest living cat?

Flossie's oldest living cat
Flossie’s oldest living cat

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Since Creme Puff’s passing, other impressive cats have replaced her in the Guinness World Records. The current holder of the world’s oldest cat title is a beautiful tortie named Flossieand she is currently in great shape at 27!

Flossie was adopted as a senior cat by an animal lover named Vicki Green. Vicki originally thought she was giving a home to an elderly cat who wouldn’t be around for very long, but had no idea she was actually harboring a future record holder! Although she may be older, Vicki says she’s still just as sweet and playful.

How do they confirm the age of older cats?

When researching cats that have held the title of oldest cat, many wonder how organizations confirm their age. The only way to be sure that cats are truly as old as their owners’ condition is to review their veterinary records. If these pet owners can prove that their cats are indeed advanced in age by their documented medical historythen these feline friends can be considered for world titles.

Final Thoughts

Creme Puff was an incredible woman who may always be known as the oldest cat on record. We’re so glad we got to learn more about Creme Puff’s awesome life, and we can’t wait to follow current titleholder Flossie moving forward! You can stay up to date on Flossie updates here!