MJ Humane Society Holds Cat Adoption Event As Part Of Input Freeze – DiscoverMooseJaw.com

The Moose Jaw Humane Society needs the help of the community as they are in a bit of a bind right now with an excess of cats that need to find their forever homes.

This has caused the Humane Society to enforce an admissions freeze, which means they cannot accept more foster cats.

In order to create additional space to accommodate more cats, they are currently hosting an adoption event for kittens and adult felines.

“Kittens are just the spay and neuter depot, we’ve waived adoption fees until the end of September,” says Moose Jaw Humane Society Executive Director Dana Haukaas.

The spaying and neutering deposit for kittens is only $100, according to the MJHS website.

“All of our adult cats who are all spayed or neutered and you can see their true personalities, and you know exactly what you’re bringing home. These big cats are available for $25,” adds Haukaas.

The adult cats are all up to date with their vaccinations and have been dewormed, and as Haukaas mentioned earlier, they are all neutered.

Those interested in adopting a kitten or adult cat and making it a member of your family can find more information on the MJHS website.

You can see photos of the kittens or adult cats available on their Facebook page.