Mondo’s $500 Battle Cat Action Figure Goes On Sale Tuesday

Mondo’s $500 Battle Cat Action Figure Goes On Sale Tuesday

Mondo’s Masters of the Universe fans have gotten used to paying around $230 for a figure. But will they pay more than double for the most powerful feline steed in the universe? This week, everyone will know. The massive Battle Cat action figure, which we’ve already shown you photos from San Diego Comic-Con, is up for grabs starting Tuesday. Like other recent Mondo Masters figures, this will be an open pre-order window, this time for a full week. It starts Tuesday, October 25 at 10 a.m. Fans who also shelled out $550 to Mattel Creations for the Eternia playset are going to have some tough financial choices to make.

In addition to Battle Cat, Mondo will release a basic He-Man for those who have never grabbed one before. It’s basically the recent deluxe He-Man without any of the Battle Armor or Thunder Punch accessories. Like the original Mattel figure, she comes with an axe, power sword, shield, and Iron Cross armor. It also includes a gainable boot dagger and two bonus heads. $235 gets you this He-Man.

Battle Cat is 18 inches long and a foot tall from the bottom of its feet to the highest point of the saddle. Put him in battle poses with over 60 points of articulation and a bent tail. He comes with new forearm armor, four heads – Masked Classic Mask, Unmasked Classic Mask, Mondo Style Mask (2002 style), and Cringer. Also includes a Baby Cringer minifigure.

The sales window ends on November 1, so find a way to collect those finances! If you’re having a hard time deciding, check out the images in the gallery below. And note that Mondo will definitely reuse this mold for Panthor, so factor that into your savings as well.

Will you be pre-ordering Battle Cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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