Montclair takes a stand against the retail sale of puppies and cats in pet stores

Montclair, NJ – Thanks to local animal rights activists, no one will sing “how much is that dog in the window” in Montclair.

Montclair City Council unanimously passed Ordinance 22-26 banning the retail sale of puppies and cats in pet stores. Montclair joins 136 other New Jersey municipalities that have passed similar legislation. The order was presented by Councilor Peter Yacobellis and Councilor Robin Schlager. Yacobellis was joined by a coalition of animal welfare organizations—Humane Montclair, FOMTAS, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)—to push the ordinance through Montclair through most of 2022. This order demonstrates that Montclair is taking a stand against animal abuse and neglect by preventing puppies and cats from puppy mills from entering the Montclair marketplace.

Last week, New York became the sixth state to pass a law banning the sale of puppies in pet stores. The law also prohibits the sale of kittens and rabbits.

“People need to know that when they buy a dog or cat from a pet store, they are likely supporting an abusive puppy mill. Puppy mills are inhumane, high-volume dog-breeding facilities that produce puppies for profit, ignore the needs of puppies and their mothers, and subject them to neglect, abuse, and disease” , said Annette Batson of Humane Montclair. “As important as it is to puppies, kittens and their over-bred mothers, the passing of this ordinance is a statement of our city’s values ​​– respect and care for animals – that will resonate everywhere.”

Batson hopes the state of New Jersey will follow New York’s lead. According to HSUS, humane pet store laws have been passed in 441 cities and counties across the United States.

Humane Montclair thanks Montclair Township Council members for their impactful support and stands up for Elissa Frank NJ HSUS Director, Marc Berube L&B Pet Store, Karen Sacks FOMTAS, and Larry Cohen, HSUS Policy Volunteer.

The Humane Society says adopting a pet from a shelter is the best way to bring a dog or cat into your family, and also provides tips for finding a responsible dog breeder. Check out PupQuest, a veterinarian-run blog to become a savvy pet shopper; learn to discriminate between reputable breeders, shelters and rescue organizations. Get a free e-book from the Humane Society with the top 10 pet care tips on animal care.

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