Motion tabled at Holyrood to save Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home from collapse

A motion has been tabled in the Scottish Parliament to save the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home from possible closure after the organization warned of an 800 per cent rise in its energy bills.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton wants to encourage cross-party intervention to help save the house from collapse.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is a 140 year old animal shelter which provides shelter and refuge to hundreds of dogs and cats each year. Faced with rising energy bills, however, the charity said the increase “could be enough to bring the house to its knees this winter”.

According to the Seafield Road shelter, electricity supply next year will cost them around £31,160, while the gas bill is expected to top £63,735.

The Edinburgh dog and cat home faces an uncertain future after a staggering 800% rise in gas and electricity bills.

The charity is also grappling with an unprecedented rise in the number of owners seeking to rehome their pets, in part due to the cost of living crisis.

Mr Cole-Hamilton, Edinburgh Western’s MSP, said: ‘Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDCH) is an absolutely fantastic charity which provides a caring and compassionate environment for animals in need of rescue and shelter. As the first charity in the country to provide pet food to food banks, it currently feeds 3,000 animals.

“Unfortunately soaring energy bills have pushed the home to the brink of closure, especially when it relies so heavily on gas and electricity to keep its animals warm and well fed. ithout any financial support in place from the national or local government, the shelter depends solely on the generosity of its donors.

“That’s why I am tabling a motion today to inspire action by MSPs across Parliament, which will save this iconic Edinburgh institution from collapse. I want to see the Scottish Government working in partnership with the council of the City of Edinburgh and animal welfare organisations, so that EDCH receives the support it desperately needs.

Tory MP Miles Briggs, who represents the Lothian region, gave his support to the motion.

He said: “I have had recent meetings with the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and have been working to help them gain support so I will happily support this cross-party measure. I hope the local community and businesses in Edinburgh will come together to help support the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home to meet these rising costs.