North Texas Giving Day Booster: Texas CARES Cat Adoption and Rescue

Stephanie Murdoch*

According to Texas CARES Cat Adoption and Rescue Fundraising Coordinator Stephanie Murdoch,

“They say saving a cat won’t change the world. But for this cat, the world changes forever. For nearly 30 years, Texas CARES Cat Adoption and Rescue has worked hard to change the lives of thousands of cats in the DFW area by helping them find wonderful, loving homes. Texas CARES is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) rescue group. Through our strong network of dedicated foster homes, Texas CARES can rescue cats and kittens from local DFW shelters.

Texas CARES**

“We rescue cats of all ages, including pregnant cats. We sometimes rescue kittens who have special needs. Like Pongo who had to have an eye operation. Or Chappy who was attacked by a dog and had to have his leg x-rayed. In all cases, our adoptable kittens are seen by our trusted veterinary partners. And that’s where North Texas Giving Day donations are so important, because our adoption fees barely cover half of our veterinary medical expenses.

Jones Rescue Team**

“We also love helping provide our foster parents with supplies such as food, litter and enrichment for their adoptive cats. We also have foster families who are dedicated bottle feeders, which requires round-the-clock care and plenty of extra milk for growing orphan kittens.

“In 2020, Texas CARES rescued 204 cats from kittens. In 2001, we rescued 260 cats. And since Monday, August 1, Texas CARES has taken in nearly 200 cats and kittens, so we’re on track to save more than the previous two years. We are proud to be able to help kittens find great forever homes. This has a cost for which we rely on the generosity of donors to help us.

“As we look forward to celebrating our 30e birthday, we also look forward to saving more cats and kittens. Thanks to the generosity of the North Texas community, we can do just that. We are grateful to the Communities Foundation of Texas and the generosity we received during the past North Texas Giving Days. We would like to thank everyone in advance for their support and generosity this year.

* Photo credit: Jodi Leckbee 
** Graphic provided by Texas CARES Cat Adoption and Rescue 
*** Photo credit: Stephanie Murdoch

Texas Communities Foundation‘North Texas Giving Day helps raise awareness and support nonprofits like nothing else. In 2021, $66 million was raised through 103,000 donors to benefit more than 3,300 local nonprofits, bringing the 13-year total to more than $441 million for our community. NTx Giving Day is the nation’s largest community-wide giving event.

On Thursday, September 22, support Texas CARES Cat Adoption and Rescue by logging on here and spreading the word. #NTxGivingDay