PepiPets announces new mobile diagnostic testing services for dogs and cats

CALDWELL, NJ, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PepiPets is proud to announce that dog and cat owners can now access their new PepiPets mobile diagnostic testing services. Labs and diagnostic tests are an essential part of pet care, but office visits can cause unnecessary stress for owners and pets. PepiPets’ mobile diagnostic testing services provide diagnostic care in the comfort of any pet owner’s home.

PepiPets is a less expensive option to traditional diagnostic tests performed at a veterinary clinic, but provides the same testing and quality. PepiPets will work with customers and their veterinarian to ensure that diagnostic care necessary for a pet’s health is provided promptly.

After scheduling an appointment at a time most convenient for the customer, an experienced PepiPets veterinary technician will come to their home and collect the necessary samples for diagnostic testing. All of this will happen without the pain and anxiety of transporting the cat or dog to the vet to have it done.

PepiPets understands the importance of pet owners getting test results from their pet quickly, so results are provided in as little as 24 hours after sample collection. Quick results can make the next visit to the vet less stressful and help shorten the time needed to receive care.

For all customers whose pet needs a diagnostic test, contact PepiPets or visit their website at

About PepiPets

PepiPets was founded to provide pet owners with the tools they need to access the appropriate diagnostic tests for their dogs or cats. Mobile testing was created to offer the same labs offered in veterinary clinics, with more convenience, less anxiety and significant cost savings. PepiPets strives to empower pet parents and the well-being of their pets. Access their diagnostic services, educational tools and community resources at

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Last name: Michael Barnes

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