PetSmart’s 2022 Halloween Costumes and Toys for Dogs and Cats Are Spooky and Cute

Now that it’s almost time for the leaves to turn golden and crimson, you’re probably starting to think about your plans for Halloween night with your four-legged best friend. Whether or not you’ve already packed your amazing costume options for the whole month, your four-legged friend will also need a jaw-dropping haunted holiday look, as well as festive toys to play with all month long. october. PetSmart’s 2022 Halloween collection is here to get you and your sweetheart excited for the spooky season.

You can always wear a matching costume with your dog or cat, because you’re always together like best friends anyway. You can go as an angel and your dog as the devil, or you can be the ghost while your kitten is the “Ghostbuster”. For a fun play on a classic, you can even dress your pup in the Dorothy The Wizard of Oz costume from PetSmart, then you can put on dog ears to dress up as Todo.

Even if you have a black cat or a puppy that could pass as a werewolf without a disguise, there are still tons of options for dressing your pet this year. It’s important that they stay comfortable enough to run around and play with their toys all Halloween, so click through to check out PetSmart’s new Halloween items to help them get ready for the spooky season.

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This Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s costume will have your pet clicking her ruby ​​paws together

Can you teach a furry friend to meow or “we’re not in Kansas anymore” meow? Skip the Todo costume if your pooch looks more like Dorothy. Check out PetSmart’s adorable cat or dog costume with a blue gingham dress and matching bow, and even sparkly ruby ​​slippers.

Get your dog or cat A ghost hunters Costume saying “I’m not afraid of no ghosts”

Who are you gonna call? The canine division of Ghostbusters, please. Enlist your dog or cat in the ultimate defense against spooky spirits this year with a classic jumpsuit and backpack costume.

Dress up your pup in a devil vest costume for a trick or treat

A mischievous pup will kill this evil dog costume with metallic red wings and harness adjustment. It’s a comfortable option if your dog doesn’t like awkward shoes or arches, and allows great mobility for trotting all night long.

Dig this big coffin squeaker toy so your dog can “tear it up”

Check out this huge squeaky dog ​​toy that’s shaped like a coffin. If your dog tends to rip small toys quickly, this big plush “RIP” toy is tough enough to keep him entertained all October long.

Train your cat to chase ghosts with a Halloween-themed cat laser toy

Hunt ghosts and fairies with your cat with a Halloween-themed tri-pointed laser toy that has three light settings of black, orange and white.

Turn Your Pet Into Winifred Sanderson With This Hocus Pocus Suit

With the sequel to the iconic movie coming out this fall, turn your pup or cat into the iconic Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus this Halloween. All the other pets in the neighborhood will say, “Well, fancy!”

This is the great Snoopy Squeaker Pumpkin toy for your pup.

Of course, one of the most famous pumpkin patch pooches should be there to keep your pup company. Take this squeaky Snoopy toy from the Halloween classic, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

This “Treat Inspector” sweater makes your dog’s mission clear: all treats and no tricks!

On Halloween, it’s important to have a “treat inspector”, just in case a goblin or ghoul tries to play tricks. Designate your dog for work with this easy-to-wear orange sweater that’s sure to provide your pup with plenty of treats all night long.

Your cat will love bouncing on this Itsy-Bitsy Spider Teaser Cat Toy

Tease your cat with this dangling spider cat toy. Hopefully this will train them to attack real scary crawlers hiding around the house.

Your dog will nibble on this squeaky chocolate bar toy

If your dog could choose the size of his Halloween treat, it would look like this massive candy bar squeaker toy from PetSmart.

Your cat will fly with these Hocus Pocus Plush Cat Toys

Every witch needs a cat and a broom. Cast a spell on your cat with these Hocus Pocus– catnip-themed cat toys that come in a three-pack to represent the Sanderson sisters.