Philadelphia has the highest percentage of cat lovers in the country – DodoWell

Cat lovers are everywhere, but in one historic American city, the percentage of cat parents is higher than anywhere else. Any guesses as to where?

It turns out that in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, people don’t just love their fellow human beings, they also love cats. As many.

According to 2021 US Census figures, households in the Philadelphia metropolitan area have a higher percentage of cat parents among the nation’s 15 largest metropolitan areas: 568,000 to be exact, or 23% (Seattle comes second position with 22%).

So, what is it in Philadelphia that attracts cat parents so much? (Apart from the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, which everyone agrees is pretty yummy).

There are a few theories.

“Cats are so Philly,” Kimberly Davis, owner of Anima Natural Pet Products, told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Italy has a lot of public cats that people take care of. They’re a big part of cultural life. And Philadelphia, especially South Philly, has a lot of Italians. I wonder if Philadelphia likes cats at least in partly because of Italian tradition.

Also consider that Philadelphia is known as the birthplace of the American Revolution and was the original homeland of the dogged freethinkers of an emerging country. This maverick attitude lives on, and some would say it has been passed down from generation to generation, as cat parents tend to have similar traits according to some studies.

Whatever the reason, the city’s cat rescues are plentiful, and there are many local rescuers who have taken in strays and tend to cat colonies, according to Davis.

“There’s something about Philly,” Davis said. “We want to save cats so badly.”

This cat-loving attitude is pretty amazing. And if you’re a cat parent thinking of moving, it sounds like Philadelphia would call you home!