Please keep domestic cats at home

Recently I found a lot of feathers torn from a woodpecker by the feeder and the birdbath. We saw two different cats each catch a chipmunk, two blue jays and a mourning dove. Last year they were also killing squirrels.

They don’t kill to eat, they kill by instinct just to kill. We live on Oakland Street and the cats seem to be from Francis St. It’s inconsiderate of you to have us pick up all the dead animals in our own yard. They also dig up the soil from our garden and the poo where we grow our food.

My dog ​​is on a leash when walked and I clean up any poop. I also don’t let the dog chase the cats or harm them.

Please keep your pet cats at home. If you refuse to be good neighbors, at least put a bell on a collar to warn their prey. Also, Oakland Street has speeding cars and motorcycles and your cat will end up being killed. They could also be sickened by rabies or by the pesticides people put around their homes.

Denise Maheu


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