Plumpton’s hip hop granny releases music video for Cats Protection

A granny rapper has released her first clip that we can reveal to you exclusively today.

Jill Clark, from Plumpton Green, was inspired by Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Eminem to rap her verses in a fundraising song for Cats Protection at Chelwood Gate, near Haywards Heath.

Now, with the help of The Argus, she’s released her first music video for her feline rap.

The 74-year-old, who has worked for the center for eight years, said she is “not shy about impersonating a good cause” and hopes people will donate to Cats Protection.

Jill said: “I was furloughed last year and it was a tough time so I wanted to raise money for the centre.

“I like to write creatively, I like silly little rhymes in people’s birthday cards, I’ve watched a few raps.

“I had hip replacement surgery in June and the feline center helped me so much that I wanted to give back.

The Argus: Jill hopes to raise money for the center with her rapsJill hopes to raise money for the center with her raps (Image: The Argus)

“People are struggling with food and fuel costs, so I’m not expecting miracles, but I hope people can help.”

“The adoption center helps cats that have been abandoned for reasons such as a change in circumstances or financial.

“They need sterilization, microchips inserted, dental care.

The Argus: Jill Clark raps outside the cat protection at Chelwood GateJill Clark raps outside Cats Protection at Chelwood Gate (Image: The Argus)

Danielle Draper, Director of Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre, said: ‘We are a very busy centre, and all of our volunteers and staff care for and rehome hundreds of cats every year.

“Every cat that comes into our care will be examined by a veterinarian, and they will also be neutered and microchipped if they haven’t already been.


“They will receive veterinary care if they need it, and of course they will be kept warm, fed and entertained with toys and activities until they find a new owner.

“All of this is only possible because of the fundraising efforts of people like Jill and the generosity of donors.

“Our work has continued throughout the pandemic, when we were unable to hold face-to-face fundraising events, so every penny raised is all the more vital for us.

The Argus: The center takes care of dozens of catsThe center cares for dozens of cats (Image: The Argus)

“Our team is truly committed to helping cats in need, and Jill is no exception.

“We are truly proud of her for organizing such a unique fundraiser and know that everything she raises will go towards giving many cats a second chance at life.”

For more information on Jill’s fundraising, click here.

Music from XS Tunes.