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Printable Nashville Number System Chart. Customers who viewed this item also viewed: Nashville numbers converts the chords in a song from letters to numbers.

The Nashville Number System Chart For Bands PDF Download

Extra chord notation (flats. sharps and chord extensions) to denote a slash chord. 1/5 means play the 1 chord with a note in the bass. Allowing user to create song charts with the ease and speed of pen and paper. Probably a thousand ways to do it.

The Nashville Number

In the late 50s. neil matthews devised a musical number system for the jordanaires to use in the studio. Included with each nns book in edition 7 is the cd. string.


Select “landscape mode” to get best results printing it out. If you are new to the nashville number system you can find detailed information at wikipedia or have a look some of the videos at youtube.

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On the web. theres a bit of confusion about the nashville number system. because some folks use roman numbers (i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii) instead of. Nashville number system printable chart www;

Most worship songs are in major keys. Okay. that last part probably doesn’t apply.

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Probably a thousand ways to do it. There is a better way to make music together as a band. and it’s called the nashville number system (nns).

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C=1. dm=2. em=3. f=4. g=5. am=6. g#º=7. c=1. Now. play it in 2 more. different keys.

The Nashville Number System Is A Shorthand Way To Write Charts For Songs.

The nashville number system is 130 pages with a step by step method of how to write a nashville number chart for any song. If you know these someone can tell you what key your in and the say: To write in numbers. you must be able to understand the “degrees” of the notes in the scale you are using.

Nashville Number System Chart Download.

My ukulele chord chart using the nashville number system is the chord chart every beginning ukulele player needs. Once you all learn the nashville number system. changing keys (and playing better by ear) will seem infinitely easier. A free download of the chart only is available here.

A F#M7 The Splendor Of The King. Clothed In Majesty. D2 Let All The Earth Rejoice. All The Earth.

Probably a thousand ways to do it. In the late 50s. neil matthews devised a musical number system for the jordanaires to use in the studio. The clean design makes it easy to read and its unique formatting reveals the patterns behind the chord progressions you’ve been memorizing.

The Specific Chord To Be Played Is Dependent On The Key Of The Piece Being Played.

From that point on. the numbers are with respect to the new key. Fill out the requested boxes that are colored in yellow. For example. in the key of c. it would be:

Select “Landscape Mode” To Get Best Results Printing It Out.

It will print nashville number. letter chord. roman numeral chords. The nashville number system has evolved into a complete method of writing chord charts and. All the 7ths. minors. dim etc are noted.