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Printable Tangled Lantern Template. Coloring page lanterns img 18437 coloring pages coloring books christmas coloring pages download more than 170 tangled coloring pages. I used the smallest one.

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Instead of craft foam. i bought a green posterboard and hot glued the faces together. Print out disney tangled sun template. If you want to make the lanterns a bit more sturdy. cover the back of each printout with clear contact paper.

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To make your own tangled lanterns you’ll need: Fold and stick the glue tab to the opposite.

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The awesome @cheshirepat on instagram found a cool way to bring this beloved glow into his home. Lady and the tramp paper lantern.

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Find in this gallery tangled images to print and color. Tape or staple on the handle made in step 1 and you’re done!

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As you may or may not be aware. i am slightly completely obsessed with all things disney! Tangled printable boat sails. small bunting jpg.

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Frozen paper dolls disney paper dolls disney diy disney crafts punk disney disney tangled princess disney disney. As you may or may not be aware. i am slightly completely obsessed with all things disney!

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Cut from the folded side. Glue the orange tissue paper to the inside of the lantern and let it dry before cutting along the dotted lines.

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Fold the paper in half lengthwise. So easy and so cool. And today. i’ve got an extra special disney creation to share with you.

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Take your thumbtack and start going over your sun template tracing. Thanks pat for sharing these photos and the print. Connect the ends of the sticks with rubber bands to make a star shape.

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Measure another piece of paper to fit around your toilet paper roll. Sign to have on the table. Weave a stick through the upper half of the star to complete the top of the star. then tie with rubber bands.

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Released in 2010. it is based on the german fairy tale rapunzel. Lady and the tramp paper lantern. They are perfect as props and they add extra life to the theme.

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Snip the embroidery skein in half and then separate into two piles. Print the lantern template onto a4 paper. Repeat steps 4 5 with construction paper.