RSPCA searches for the perfect home for an unlucky trio of black cats

The RSPCA has appealed for a trio of unlucky cats struggling to find that perfect home.

One-year-old Minnie and her siblings Rory and Loki were returned to the center several months ago and have so far received little to no interest from potential adopters.

Their color and the rising cost of living are thought to deter people from adopting the three black cats.

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Lara Di Virgilio, repatriation co-ordinator for the RSPCA’s East Berkshire branch, said: ‘It’s a sad fact that black cats really don’t have much luck; we see more of them coming through our door than any other cat color, and they consistently take longer to get home than their tabby or tortoiseshell counterparts.

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“We urge people to look beyond what an animal looks like because the color of their fur makes no difference to the love they should give. Although we also think black cats are absolutely gorgeous!

“Black cats like Minnie, Rory and Loki won’t bring you good or bad luck, but they will certainly enrich your lives, and we urge anyone who is considering welcoming a rescue cat into their home, to give these three luck.”

Minnie, who was handed over to the RSPCA a month ago, is described as a particularly affectionate and friendly cat and enjoys socializing. Shortly after raising her kittens, she was placed in the care of the East Berkshire branch.

Brother and sister Rory and Loki, the five-year-old inseparable felines were placed in the care of the RSPCA in June after their owner could no longer afford to keep them.

They are a very shy couple but love to be cuddled and really come out of their shell once they have gained your trust and could be rehomed with elementary age children.