Secret Door Reveals Cat’s Incredible Bedroom After Her Closet Makeover

A savvy couple have gone out of their way to make sure their pet has a stylish place to hang out, and thousands of TikTok users are jealous.

Over 3 million people have watched their clip of Stella the Pussy’s bedroom. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary library. But once the door is opened, we notice that a closet has turned into a purring boudoir. There’s cat wallpaper, plenty of scratching posts, and even a mini screen placed in front of Stella’s pink bed.

The viral video was posted by a couple who share their DIY skills online using the handle @newbuild_newlyweds.

Do cats like their own space?

Cat owners already know this, but for everyone else the answer is definitely yes. Cats are solitary animals; they love cuddles, but almost always on their own terms. Texas-based Perfect Petzzz explains the importance of respecting a feline’s boundaries on his blog. It says:

  • A safe and quiet space means cats can relax whenever they want
  • Limits give cats time to take care of themselves by sleeping longer, eating more, meeting others and playing solo.
  • Alone time allows your cat to become independent and engage in voluntary interaction.
Cat room
At first glance, the closet looks like a bookcase. Once opened, TikTok viewers could see Stella the cat in her room.

How to Encourage Cats to Spend Time in Safe Places

Stella clearly likes having her own room. But not everyone will have the space to provide their pet with their own room.

The Be Chewy Pet Guide says you can create a small, safe place for your cat to curl up by starting where your pet is naturally drawn to, “assuming the area isn’t dangerous.”

To provide a safe space, the Pets website suggests a teepee or clamshell bed. This will help them sleep peacefully.

What are the comments saying?

Stella’s luxury suite video racked up 116,400 likes and over 450 comments.

A comment, which received 2,495 likes, said: “Your cats are wagging that tail like ‘MOOOOM get out of my Roooooom!

Another TikToker asked, “Did you hit first?”

Others have suggested that Stella has a “better room than them”.

“I love a spoiled cat,” posted one.

Another person wrote, “Cat lives a better life than me.”

Stella isn’t the only spoiled cat that’s gone viral. Late last year, TikTok marveled at Fritz, a ginger cat who refused to eat his food unless it was served properly.

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