Shock discovery: Missing cat and four kittens found in electrical substation

A cat who had been missing for nearly five months and her four kittens are home safely after being found in an electrical substation sheltered under leaves, cobwebs and a packet of crisps.

Bella, a three-year-old gray-blue British shorthair, had hidden her kittens out of the elements and under a cupboard that stores electrical equipment when Garry Black and Terry Amor, low-voltage fitters for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, fell on them. while working near the Albion Towers in Southampton.

Originally thought to be a stray, Bella had a microchip which was found on the second scan and was quickly returned to her “thrilled” owners, who believed she was “gone forever”.

Terry and GarryTerry Amor and Garry Black with Bella, whom they found at an electrical substation in Southampton (SSEN/PA)

The four kittens, including gray-furred Milos and his black-and-white brother Luka, were all found healthy and rehomed.

“Sometimes we will see smaller birds and animals around the substations as they can provide some warmth during the winter months, but we weren’t expecting to find five healthy felines when we removed the cabinet lid,” Mr. Black said.

“We believe the mother cat must have squeezed into the cabinet through the small ventilation gap at the bottom of the cabinet door before she had the kittens, as it would have been difficult for her to get in and out of the cabinet. small space carrying each of them. after their birth. »

The animals were taken to the Southampton branch of Cats Protection.

The group was all found to be healthy after a check-up (SSEN)The cats were all deemed healthy after a control (SSEN/PA)

Branch Welfare Team Leader Steve Ridd explained: “Once we had the details we were able to contact the owners and found that their cat Bella had gone missing in May.

“They were delighted to have their cat back but had recently had another kitten because they thought Bella was gone forever and so asked us to rehome her kittens.

“Now 10 weeks old, they have had their first shots and have all found new homes.”

Kittens especially enjoy playing with toy mice and feathers.

CatsThe four kittens have been rehomed (Cat’s Protection)

Mr Amor added: “It’s great to see that Bella has now returned home and her kittens are reunited with their furry families.

“Garry and I knew from the moment we saw her that we had to do our best for her and her kittens, and it’s thanks to Cat Protection’s persistence in finding the owner that we now have a happy ending for all. .”