Shock when male cat gives birth to triplets

In a rather bizarre than fictional story, villagers in the Mpoki area of ​​Gokwe were shocked and disgusted after a male cat recently gave birth to three surprise kittens, in a case the community has strongly linked to acts of witchcraft.

Yes, you read that right, a male cat gave birth to triplets and one of them died shortly after birth.

The bizarre incident that shocked the whole village allegedly happened late last month.

The unusual nature of the news that made it classic viral content prompted a B-Metro news crew to visit the family who are still trying to come to terms with the shocking incident.

In an interview, Gogo cat owner Catherine Makoni (90) shared the shocking incident and how her male cat took a long time to give birth and how she ended up helping him.

She admitted the whole thing was “shocking and scary”.

“I’m still in shock and it’s all scary,” she said. “This is the first shocking incident to happen in our family and community. I became suspicious when the cat’s belly started to grow, but I didn’t expect it to be pregnant as it is a male.

“I was shocked the day he gave birth to three babies and one of them died shortly after birth. The day I noticed the cat was now getting a little restless, and he was very exhausted and that’s when I called my daughter-in-law who quickly came to check on her but also didn’t believe she was pregnant.

“When she was about to give birth, she ran away leaving me alone to watch her. I helped her give birth successfully. Shortly after giving birth, the cat cuddled the babies, the licking and even desperately trying to suckle them,” said Gogo Makoni. .
She said she didn’t know what could have caused her adorable male cat to produce babies, adding that she wondered what to do with the animal.

“After that, I was even afraid to kill the cat and in an attempt to get rid of it, I wrapped it with its babies in a mosquito net and threw them in a bush a few kilometers from my house, but surprisingly after a few hours.the cat came back but without the kittens.i suspected that there was someone who had untied it.the idea of ​​dumping the cat and her babies came after i realized that the cat could not nurse them since it is a male.

“I was shocked again when I threw him in the blair toilet and he came out unscathed. He doesn’t want to see people anymore and if he sees them he runs away and I’m surprised he doesn’t didn’t do it when you got here,” says Gogo Makoni.

She said the incident marked her for life and was a nightmare she will not be able to forget for the rest of her life.
Although the community has strongly linked the rare sight to witchcraft, Gogo Makoni takes issue with any form of black magic.

“Although I don’t subscribe to acts of witchcraft, maybe this is a sign that something bad is about to befall my family,” she said, waving her arms like s they were not part of his body.

She is now enlisting the help of experts who deal with such cases to help her know how to deal with them.

She repeated that it was demanding and interfered with her other daily routines.
Villagers who spoke to B-Metro claimed the bizarre incident could be linked to witchcraft.

“It’s the first in this area. It’s very unusual, I’ve never heard of it before. It’s the first such event to happen in our village,” a community member said. who chose to remain anonymous.
Chief Nemangwe, whose jurisdiction falls within the area, could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

“Although I have heard the rumors about the incident, it has not yet come to my attention. But as a traditional leader, if something of this nature happens in your area of ​​jurisdiction, you are expected to be advised that action needs to be taken quickly and I am still waiting for that to happen,” Chief Nemangwe said.