Shropshire cat charity ‘amazed’ by community response to support abandoned kittens

Photo: Shropshire Cat Rescue
Photo: Shropshire Cat Rescue

Shropshire Cat Rescue issued an urgent appeal for donations this week after seeing an influx of kittens in their care.

The association’s volunteers have created a Just Giving page and shared the link on social networks to seek support from people in a position to make a donation.

Photo: Shropshire Cat Rescue

With an initial target of £500, to help cover some of the costs of health checks, vaccinations, food etc, the charity has so far received £3,184 and more.

Susie Phillips, online store and shelter volunteer, said: “The support means a lot to the volunteers and we are so grateful and amazed at the response to our Facebook post calling for help.

“It’s been a busy week full of ups and downs and having that support really helps.

“Especially as this week follows a busy September where we also had an increased number of orphaned or abandoned kittens in need of round-the-clock care.

“The money will be used to pay for food, medicine, including flea and worm treatment, but also energy bills.

“Donations will also help pay for the procedures some kittens have needed due to an injury or birth defect that required intervention so they can continue to thrive as amazingly as they once did despite this. .

“Of course, we also have adult cats who come to the shelter looking for their forever home and these may need spaying, dental care, diagnostics and other treatments.”

On Saturday October 8, six kittens were admitted to the charity’s base in Shrewsbury, after their mother was killed by a tractor.

And on Tuesday morning, a litter of eight black and white kittens were left in a carrier on the center aisle, where they were found by volunteers.

The kittens are not currently up for adoption and cannot be reserved due to the extra support they need.

The eight black and white kittens were dropped off at Shropshire Cat Rescue on Tuesday morning. Photo FB / Shropshire Cat Rescue
Photo: Shropshire Cat Rescue

“The funds will also help us care for resident cats, including those at the retirement village which has 18 residents who all require some form of veterinary care due to age-related illnesses including osteoarthritis.

“By receiving donations, we can also continue to support street cats in need of veterinary care and provide food and veterinary care to feral colonies.”

Since its inception in 1989, the charity has cared for 8,000 cats, providing shelter, veterinary care, food and love to abandoned and unwanted cats.

Photo: Shropshire Cat Rescue