Signs Your Cat Hates You and Why It May Happen

If you have a cat as a pet, you will have to accept its independent side and the fact that it is more susceptible to mood swings and temper tantrums than the average dog. Even if you do everything that is important to him, your feline friend may still feel uncomfortable if his personal boundaries are not respected or if there is something in his environment that he does not like. not. There would be telltale signs if your cat doesn’t like you, it would show in their body language. A puffy tail, an aggressive attitude, an attempt to bite or scratch you are all warning signs to find out the real reason your cat might be mad at you. (Also read: Signs of Mental Illness in Cats You Shouldn’t Ignore)

“Although we do our best to love and care for our beloved pets, there are times when our pets may end up hating us. With cats, more than hate, the animal may tend to become uncomfortable, scared or anxious about our behavior or certain situations,” says Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO of PetKonnect.

Shah also shares possible reasons why your cat might be mad at you.

“Not respecting their personal boundaries, trying to play or snuggle with them when they are not consenting are common reasons why cats can learn to dislike your presence. As a parent, you have to learn to pick up on these cues and respond to them.Knowing how to handle your pet and where to draw the line with certain behaviors is a must.This aversion can also stem from environmental and animal welfare reasons. Be sure to provide enough play and exercise time, access to litter boxes alongside basic amenities like food and water and of course medical care if and when needed” , says the pet expert.

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Signs your car is mad at you

Shah says a sure sign that your cat is very unhappy with you will be the animal hissing at you with bared teeth.

“He may also attempt to bite you aggressively or scratch you repeatedly in an attempt to draw blood. Looking at the body language, ears down and tail tucked up are a sign that the animal is unwell. “Comfortable in your presence. A very angry cat will have a puffy tail with a crouched position. Cats that are not very aggressive will show their hatred by hiding or not wanting to spend time in your presence,” explains Shah.

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