So relax: the cat sits patiently while he gets his hair cut

NDTV – Adorable animals and their cute antics rule the internet. Clips capturing the different moods and funny behaviors of animals are always a delight to watch, leaving people smiling and happy.

Such a video of a patient and super obedient cat getting a haircut is going viral on the internet. The clip was shared on Twitter on November 16 by user “chaoticcatpics”. “Just a little off,” reads the caption.

The video features a cute cat wearing a black cape, sitting on a chair getting a haircut. A hairdresser with scissors and a comb in his hand cuts some hair from the cat’s head.

Meanwhile, the white kitty is seen quietly sitting there with his eyes closed, not throwing tantrums or making a sound. It’s like the cat is actually enjoying the moment.

The video received 22 lakh views and 2.16 lakh likes. Some users couldn’t believe how patient the chat was. One user wrote, “Cuteness overload!”, while another commented, “Omg this is so cute.” A third wrote: “Have you ever heard of people who are not afraid? It’s because this cat has caught ALL his cold. My God, that’s adorable.

“This has to be the calmest cat I have ever seen on video,” wrote a fourth. Others worried if the hairdresser cut the cat’s whiskers. “I hope he didn’t cut off even a tiny bit of mustache, you can’t do that…”